Recupera el pelo
Fotos de trasplantes/reparaciones capilares colocadas por particulares.
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Yo puedo postear lo que quiero, tu no puedes prohibirlo.
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Por Manuel  -  Administrador  - 4278 Mensajes
Hi Ronald! :)

It seems that you really really want to post all about Bisanga. I'm sure you know that we try to be as objective as we can. It's not a matter of posting pictures that don't mean anything by themselves, we need the full story told by the patient.

I have deleted your latest post because there were no explanation, no story, no nothing!

So, let's be clear and place the rules:

1) This is a Spanish Forum. Please post in Spanish.

2) If you are not the owner of the pictures and if you have no story to tell, just post a link to the Forum where the patient itself explains his case. If you post something that doesn't belong to you, why would the doctor reply? If you post 100 cases, should the doctor reply to all of them? No no. We have to be fair with the users, with the patients, and with the doctors.

There are many bad cases here posted by the patients and as you can see (for good or bad) they have their replies. We did not remove a single one. The same with your original thread, which is there and even translated to Spanish by the users.

This thread (pictures, story) is not yours and the same for the new thread posted yesterday (and deleted). You are free to post whatever you want about you, but if you want to say something about other patients, tell them to come here and post for themselves in Spanish. If they can't but you still want to show us the results, open one thread with all the links pointing to the patient stories, in whatever language they are.

Thanks a lot.